U2B Video Converter(1.0.0) Manual

No more words:convert video to Apple Devices or extract audio track to mp3 or m4a.
==== feature ====
Support,mp4,webm,3gp,flv format
Support output to HD video if need.
Support extract audio track.
Support output to android device.

===How to use====
1.Drop(add) media to app.
2.choose output target device
3.click start button to convert.
4.set output folder(if not set).



How to download youtube video?

Yes.There are many tools. We have test those tools, they’re all works fine.
And the most important: THEY ARE FREE.

First of all: How to download youtube video?
Yes.There are many tools.

We have test those tools, they’re all works fine.
And the most important: THEY ARE FREE.

This website can downloader file from 40+ website.
And supply extension to browser to download file.

It supply a extension to most popular browser
Install the extension by just clicking on the Install button on website

Whit extension, you can download video with only 3 setp.

1.Open any YouTube video you want in browser.
2.Locate the Download button under the video player
3.Choose your prefered video format and quality. The download will begin.

3.With a “Kiss”
This method is the only one just for YouTube, of all the methods mentioned here. To download videos, just need to add a “kiss” before the “youtube” in your URL, turn it into “kissyoutube”. For example, the URL of www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRxHs29gRsQ, now add a “kiss”, the URL changed to www.kissyoutube.com/watch?v=eRxHs29gRsQ. Then the browser will parse the URL and skip to a window .but, need you install java.

4.MacX YouTube Downloader

MacX YouTube Downloader is a totally free video downloader for you to download YouTube video with fast speed.
MacX YouTube Downloader is specially designed for Mac users to download videos from YouTube for free. It supports free downloading YouTube videos of different resolution and format, no matter common YouTube videos or HD videos in 720P or even higher.

5.About Firefox and Google chrome
There are many extension and addons to download youtube video.

for firefox


DownloadHelper (Recommend)

for chrome
search in https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions?hl=en-US

6. others



Mini Your Photos(1.0.0)

No more words:reduce the file size of your photos to 80%~30% of Original.

==== feature ====
Multiple format support,bmp,jpg,png…
Multiple output format: png or jpg.

===How to use====
1.Drop photo to app.
3.Drag to save.

Large amount of computation, need a lot of time, please wait…




Photo Resize Magic 1.0.0

No more words:resize thousands amount of photos at same times with a little step.

==== feature ====
Multiple format support,bmp,jpg,png…
Multiple output format.
Support output quality for JPEG,PNG.
Three resize model,
Custom scale model.
Size filter.
Rotate with angle,adjust orientation.
Rotate filter.
6 Adjust methods.
10 Photo effects.
Text type watermark.
Image type watermark.
Custom the output photo name with prefix and suffix.
Custom background color.

Main Scene

common options

common options

watermark options

watermark options

advance options

advance options

MyFTP 1.0.0

It was only a FTP client software, when I wrote this introduction, I racked my brain, I wanted to put him boasted hype, but the fact it is just a FTP software only, nothing more!

I had wanted to use to describe that software has simple UI, but the fact is, I am just a programmer, without any painter help me, so I can only comprehend the UI to such proportions.

I was going to say how it functions is how fast hardware, but the fact is, because I am a programmer like loaded to force,when I used all of FTP client software, I decided to write a head to toe belong My own software, and after a sudden thought of uploading it to the store, maybe it can exchange for a few packs of bread.

The only thing I can guarantee is that I’m a goodness programmer, if you buy it, please believe it can work well for you!

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Duplicate Scanner 1.0.0

This is a duplicate search and cleanup tool !
It is very powerful and easy to use !
It is faster and more efficient than other tools!
It has the following features:
1.Support drag and drop to select the desired scan directory;
2.Define your scan filtration conditions;
3.Real-time display of the results of the scan;
4.Sort and Find scan results.

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DesktopActivity 1.0.0

DesktopActivity is one kind of monitoring software.
It presents much information of system for you with vivid animation, which is concise and artistic fusing together with your desktop background.
At the present, it can do the following things for you:
1)It traces your location’s weather and temperature automatically.
2)It presents every CPU’s service condition and the occupied proportion of user and system
3)It shows RAM’s service condition and the occupied proportion of different state of RAM.
4)It presents activities of hard disks and the current state of input and output of hard disk.
5)It tells the service condition of different hard disk partition.
6)It shows the current speed of upload and download.
7)It presents date and time.
DesktopActivity can be used in English, Chinese and Japanese and more languages and functions will be presented in the future to be expected.

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Polygon Vertex Helper Pro 2.0

Polygon Vertex Helper is the tool to easily define Polygon body vertices for Chipmunk and Box2d. Just Move the mouse to click on the points of the image.

*** Featured ***
Support undo and redo.
Support pure coordinates.
Support for Both Chipmunk and Box2d.
Support two style to construct Vertex array.
Support zoom in/out to edit the image
Support mutable rows and columns
Support export vertex array into C and C++ header.

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